Autism Outreach for Schools

Universal Offer

The aim of our Universal offer is to increase understanding of autism and support Surrey Schools to become more ND inclusive. This is a flexible offer, catering to the bespoke needs of different schools across the county, but activities could include; 

  • Advice and information over the phone, or by email
  • Meetings and learning walks to discuss ND friendly environments.
  • Training for school staff, either held centrally at provider schools or at host schools in a staff meeting or INSET
  • Information meetings with groups of parents (often taking the format of a coffee morning)
  • Modelling of good practice, such as demonstrating the use of a particular strategy (click here for more information about this in primary settings)
  • Supporting schools who are conducting SEN reviews or audits
  • Work with county teams such as the All Age Autism Strategy Group, to ensure there is a strong voice for autism in Surrey.
  • Providing a range of resources and information sheets, along with up-to-date signposting to other sources.
  • Use of the Autism Outreach Website

To discuss universal support for your setting, please contact your outreach teacher, or outreach team lead 

Our Universal Offer is free for Surrey schools, but can be accessed by independant settings, or those outside of the county as a traded offer. The cost will be negotiated depending on your requirements, but it will usually be £275 for a half day + any travel expenses.