Autism Outreach for Schools


 STEPS Referral Criteria

  • The child being referred is between 3 years and school age.
  • Priority is given to children who are in their -1 (Preschool) year.
  • The child is displaying difficulties and/or behaviours we associate with social communication differences.

 Making a referral to STEPS

Referrals should be made through a settings EY SEND advisor, who will organise for the child’s case to be discussed at EIF panel. The panel will decide if funding for STEPS is agreed and which of the three blocks of support this will include. Signed consent from parents/ carers must be obtained on the referral form.

 Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Your nursery/pre-school’s SENCO will be able to give you more information about why STEPS has been suggested for your child. They liaise with the EY SEND team and will be able to tell you who your link advisor is. 

If you have been referred for STEPS support already, feel free to email any questions to Christine Gregory (STEPS Coordinator), who will direct them on to your allocated outreach worker;