Autism Outreach for Schools

Targeted Offer

Our aim is to support pupils with Autism and related difficulties within their school setting. The Universal aspects of our service do not require a referral, but we must recieve a completed referral form before we can offer targetted support. 

What does a targeted visit involve? 

  • Observation of pupils in their classroom, keeping things as ‘normal’ as possible. For some pupils, particularly those in secondary school, it is appropriate to have a chat with the outreach worker directly. 
  • We meet with school staff  to discuss concerns and strategies to help. Parents are welcome to attend that feedback session and this will be orgnaised by the school. 
  • We provide written reports which outline observations, form a record of discussions held and descriptions of the strategies we recommend.
  • We may arrange follow-up appointments, dependent on the level of need. These may be for individual pupils or part of a clinic-style visit to check up on how things are going and give general support to the school.


 What is NOT available through the targetted offer? 

  • We cannot offer home visits, as we are a service for schools, but we can offer telephone or email advice directly to parents. Please see the 'contact us' section for details. 
  • We cannot accept referrals directly from parents. We are a schools service, so a referral must be made in collaboration between schools and parents.
  • We cannot come straight away.  There is usually a wait of around 6 weeks, although we have some flexibility for urgent cases.