Freemantles Outreach

 Introduction to Autism Outreach for Schools

What is Autism Outreach?

Autism Outreach for schools is a service commissioned by Surrey and delivered by staff based at some of Surrey’s specialist provisions. Our aim is to support mainstream schools to meet the needs of their autistic and neuro-diverse pupils or those undiagnosed but struggling in similar areas. We work with mainstream schools to promote inclusive whole school practice (universal support) as well as supporting staff working with individual pupils (targeted support).

 Who Provides Autism Outreach?

The Autism Outreach service is commissioned by Surrey and is currently based at   three specialist settings: 

Freemantles School - Primary Schools in the West (Waverley, Guildford, Woking, Surrey Heath, Runnymede, Speltrone and west Elmbridge)

Woodlands School - Primary Schools in the East (Tandridge, Mole Valley, Reigate & Banstead, east Elmbridge)

Limpsfield Grange - Secondary Schools 

The outreach teams are made up of teachers and teaching assistants who have worked at our host schools. They have all had a range of training in autism-specific strategies and continue to access training and development opportunities, both with their host school and as a team. Many of our staff have experience working in both mainstream and special school settings.

What does Autism Outreach look like?

Universal support  Targetted Support 
  • Advice and information over the phone, or by email
  • Meetings and learning walks to discuss ND friendly environments.
  • Training for school staff, either held centrally at provider schools or at host schools in a staff meeting or INSET
  • Modelling of good practice, such as demonstrating the use of a particular strategy
  • Supporting schools who are conducting SEN reviews or audits
  • Work with county teams such as the All Age Autism Strategy Group, to ensure there is a strong voice for autism in Surrey.
  • Provide a range of resources and information sheets, along with up-to-date signposting to other sources.
  • Observation of pupils in their classroom, keeping things as ‘normal’ as possible. For some pupils, particularly those in secondary school, it is appropriate to have a chat with our staff member directly.
  • Meet with school staff and parents to discuss concerns and strategies to help.
  • Provide written reports which outline observations, form a record of discussions held and descriptions of the strategies we recommend.
  • We may arrange follow-up appointments, dependent on the level of need. These may be for individual pupils or part of a clinic-style visit to check up on how things are going and give general support to the school.

 Who will be eligible for Targeted Autism Outreach?

We can accept referrals for school-age pupils who attend Surrey schools and academies. Independent schools, or those outside of the Surrey borders can access AOFS as a traded service. Most of the pupils that we support will have a diagnosis of autism, but some may not and a referral is still appropriate for pupils with similar needs, or those who are awaiting diagnosis.

How is Targeted Autism Outreach accessed?

Pupils must be referred by school staff, with parental permission. The Referral form can be found here:

How is Universal Autism Outreach Accessed? 

 Click here for more information about our universal offer. Universal sessions can be booked through your link outreach teacher. 



Service Level Agreement 

As part of the Outreach service, we welcome visitors to our school and the team are often visitors in others settings.  We will act to ensure that all settings we work in are safe places for pupils, staff and other members of our community. If a parent/carer, or professional has concerns we will always listen to them and seek to address them.

However, abusive, threatening or violent behaviour will not be tolerated. If such behaviour occurs we will follow the procedures outlined in the Surrey County Council guidance – ‘Keeping Schools Safe’.